Wednesday, July 30, 2014


I'm not sure if you have noticed that I seldom post any pants outfit, it's not only because dresses are sexier and prettier, but also, I don't think pants are very flattering for my legs, also it is  hot to wear.So I have very few pants, say less than 5pieces, even in winter times I'd rather choose boots and leggings over pants, and this is the pants I bought so long ago from university and as far as i can remember I only wore it three or four times, tho its quite cool for summer, and that Sunday it was not so hot, plus just a few raindrops, I thought, why not? So loose comfy pants with a tight top, it has the kinda laid-back feel which is I need. 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Whenever I take all my kit and shoot photos somewhere, either in a park or near the sea, or just simply downstairs, there are always new people being attracted to the things I do, some of them ask if I need help, some of them make fun by standing in front of my camera, some of them just keep staring at me, how I adjust my camera, how I pose and How I smile to the camera, they must find me so strangely happy, I seem so fearless in front of the strangers and the camera, I appear as if nothing matters except the things I am working on. Honestly I could not care less about how these passers-by think about me, but when they actually stopped and came to talk with me,I almost always am happy to reply. So after starting my shooting some ten minutes later that Saturday afternoon, this little girl who is about five or six years old stood there with her grandfather and her little younger sister in the stroller, she watched me for about ten minutes during which her grandpa kept asking her to leave)still she was there, so focused, and didn't even say a thing, then she asked me is it fun to take photos, and told me she also wanted to try and pose, and i took some photos for her,and she proudly told me her name and where she lived(just two floors above mine) and if i can send her the photo i took. It happened so fast I didn't even realize how confident this little girl is and how it is difficult to refuse a sincere request. But it was one of the few moments I enjoy people's attention more than the photo shooting itself.

Monday, July 28, 2014


I gave up lace long time a ago because I cant be bothered to wear pieces that are too girly and fussy,  the simpler the fabric the better for me. As I have bought too many single color pieces, it occured to me that maybe trying something more old-fashioned can be like a breath of fresh new air, and I found this knee-length skirt from another small shop and took the inspiration from Carrie's outfit in the movie of sex and the city 2, of course the dress is even fussier than I remember it to be(when I checked the photo today),  seeing this movie in Sydney, I recall vividly that I was amazed by the way the costume designer combines a sporty top with a fussy skirt, together with an exotic bag, but just a reminder for those of you who have not been to any of the middle east countries(Turkey excluded),I can assure you wearing this kind of outfit requires some sort of escorting, because it will attract too many unnecessary attentions. Luckily for me, posing downstairs with my red lips and this lace skirt have not yet bring anything more than a few curious looks.

Saturday, July 26, 2014


It looks like Japan, right? At least it does for me, whenever I see this series of photos it reminded me of my trip to Japan two years ago, all these white and even pink-looking snow, with the sunset beautifully interfacing the mountain line and every element in the air. But, it was in Turkey, I remember I was playing with my colleagues in the snow, we were snowing fighting, posing the snow and sipping coffee while watching the firtina(snowstorm in turkish) from indoor,but if memory fails to serve right, I may just confuse Turkey with Japan,my smile was similar, the leave didn't look all that different and most importantly the snow remained equally pure, so I conclude: at the end of the day, what we all remember about the past is the not the specific place or scenery but our mood and emotion at that moment.

Friday, July 25, 2014


I cannot believe I have totally forgotten to post this set of photos which were taken in the beautiful Maldives, also my other set of photos in the snowy Turkey. I promise I will, for the next few days, share with you this old memories. Nobody actually wears this kind of party dress to the island, I brought it simply because I want to see how it looks like with the background of pure blue, turns out they look good together. And all of them were taken with a phone insead of my DSLR, the only thing I regret is that I should have swum in this dress, or am I too crazy for saying that?:p

Thursday, July 24, 2014


My over-packed daily schedule has left me very limited time to shoot photos and post here, though I have not forgotten how much fun I get from posing and editing photos, much as my passion for leaning French lingers, I tried to write my post in French(not like anyone will read i know haha),I could not help but feel like a 10-year-old girl who tries to write the first few essays in school:)So for this post I changed the language back to English again. Suddenly I feel I'm in my 30s with all that experience and sophistication, back to this outfit,  it has the sort of high school vibe due to the color of the skirt and the shape of the shirt, and it makes me feel very comfortable, not necessarily special, but very cosy and laid-back.I got this pair of Tory Burch flats from city of dreams, i think it can go better with jeans and shirt, but this humid macau summer has prevented me from wearing anything of the kind. The top and skirt are from ZARA again, easy to wear, good price and versatile as always;)

Monday, July 21, 2014


Les photos ici sont prises dans le chemin pres de mon appartement,il ne fait pas tres chaud ce matin la, et il n'y a pas trop de gens, comme d'habitude, j'ai pose,ri et me suis amusee . Par hasard j'ai rencontre une nouvelle fille tres interessant qui, etait en train de marcher avec son chien,  plus tard dans la journee, elle m'a invite a un bbq sur la terrasse de un de ses amis et la vue etait tres belle, j'ai rencontre beaucoup de gens qui habitent ici dans le meme quartier et ils viennent de pays differents. C'etait une bonne journee.:)

Friday, July 11, 2014


Salut tout le monde, ca va? c'est la premiere fois que j'ecris mon blog en francais. je sais que je vais commettre beaucoup d'erreurs mais cette fois-ci je vais ecrire comme ca. Je trouve la jupe et les talons hauts dans zara a  macau et le top est vintage. Il y a 2 mois je n'ecris pas ici, parce que tous les jours j'ai beaucoup de choses a faire, mon travail de la traduction, la classe de portugais, et autre choses.Mais ce matin je sortais et ca me fait plaisir de prendre ces photos. Vous les aimez aussi?