Thursday, January 29, 2015


These were taken just a few minutes ago while my colleague and I went downstairs for coffee,I tried so hard to look" cooler" but somehow my smile has betrayed me:) Even in late January the weather here makes it possible for us to wear flats and very light fabric without having to struggle too much between warm and charm.And that's certainly one of the many charms of Macau.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Bit gloomy last Saturday,always the weather report first and it never fails to influence your mood secretly,thus I had to find somewhere indoor to take photos for this new outfit combination I created. I have a spare room in the apartment where somehow I managed to set up a tiny "studio" for photo shooting, this "spare room" idea is what I always want in my apartment, a place where I can play lego/puzzle, play instrument,take photos, listen to my music so loud and carefree,it's my land and my space.Well I put the puzzle and music thing in the salon now as the room is not big enough to include all these:)But the lighting of the room plus the scattered sunlight from the balcony was not good enough as seen from the trial shots,as I was just sliding out of the room the hallway seems open and bright enough so I put the small table together with my butterfly orchids as a simply background. I think it actually went quite well.

Monday, January 26, 2015


As the sun shines through my window yesterday afternoon,I was playing puzzle still( kind obsessed with this game last few weeks) but was suddenly in the mood to try out a few new dresses and see how they go with my older bag and shoes under the sun, so I put some of my favorite pieces together: bodycon daytime Zara dress for work,pointed-toe heels,semi-new Valentino bag I got from Strasbourg lafayette last Oct(can't believe it's already three months!) and a grey coat I got from a small shop here.This kind of outfit is quite suitable for an uprising junior associate I should say:) But I took the inspiration from Diane Lockheart;).