Monday, May 19, 2014


Hey sweeties! Happy Monday, what a weekend it has been! Two of my best friends came to Macau to visit me and we had such a great time food hunting, taking photos, shopping and manicure, just all these girls stuff. These photos were taken in mgm, where  I took my relatives last year, the food was almost the same, if memories serve me, though hanging out with my peers could be more fun. So seen from my outfit,Im sure you can guess that summer has came to town, and I was wearing my baby blue shorts and the yellow tank top, plus a anti-sunlight cardigan, the whole combo makes me feel less full after eating so much in a buffet, and I'm sure my pose doesn't show how much i ate that day.:)

Friday, May 9, 2014


This set of photos were taken in Antalya Turkey(yeah, i know i know, its has been four months since i came back, still some unshared photos:P), when we first arrived there we tried to search places nearby that has a good view of the sea so we followed the lane and besides many bars along the road we also found a park, then many stairs leading the park to the sea, there were enthusiastic locals trying to give you suggestion about where to dine, young  people swimming, also tourists like us who were enjoying the sunset. 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


 So I have been bit lazy with blogging these few weeks, since I just moved to a new apartment and have spent my time decorating my place and practicing cooking, and I cant wait to invite my friends to my place for a lovely summer night BBQ, these photos were shot by my dear mum, as we sat in the car and watched these beautiful flowers dancing with the wind, we cant resist the temptation of taking a stop and enjoy the art of the nature. So here they are, photos from two days ago shoot by the bank of qianshan river.

Monday, May 5, 2014


Much as I dislike the humid and rainy spring of Macau, it sometimes surprises me with such bright sunlight and gentle breeze. I was not planning on shooting photos that day, after seeing this beautiful day in the morning, I took all my kit and shoot these photos after lunch in the small park in front of my office building, for those of you in Macau it is called parque Dr. Carlos d"Assumpcao (宋玉生公园), I love the shadows of the new trees casting behind me and the leaves falling freely on the surface of the small waterway, and of course my flowers from my dearest darling. When I received this bouquet, the vibrant color and the delicate note have succeeded in making my day once again, just like all these other times. Thank you Askimmmm.