Monday, August 4, 2014


For me Sunday is always the day for me to indulge in my own pradise, may it be studying recipes and baking cookies, or trying out dresses and taking photos. Last Sunday I was more in the mood to shooting photos, so I go prepared and went downstaires just to realise the rain was too big that it's better to stay indoor, so there was this small area between my building the road, and they planted so many trees in this area, so why not just take the photo here, maybe it could look good too. Indeed it turned out so good, the light was so bright reflecting into the photos and they are so flattering for my skin, and I had so many photos I like, normally I just post 6 photos in each post, this time it was too difficult to choose, since I love all of them.And the minute I posted my photos in my other sns app, my friends started to ask me where I got this dress, it was from a big outlet on our way back from Antalya to Eskisehir, I forgot the name of the brand, but everything they made was so cute and has the next-door girl feel.