Monday, February 24, 2014


This chiffon tank dress has the light color, though I wouldn't recommend you take it to the beach as the color is too similar to that of the ocean and the high exposure makes it difficult for you to tell the difference(both in camera and in person ).But the fabric feels so light and cool under this 30 degree weather, I wore it to the beach barbecue, the spa and wander in our ocean villa. The front-short and back-long asymmetrical design is what makes it different from other cliche beach maxi dresses, you could pull off both an elegant classy chic and a hot party girl:)

Thursday, February 20, 2014


This set of photos were shot the day before I left my resort and we decided to make full use of that morning-noon light , mum and I walked and posed along the  beach behind our villa, I guess everyone else was sleeping or snorkeling so we got the complete empty beach, there were only some solider crabs and fish with us and it wouldn't`t feel more free and natural.I have wore this white top in this post, however, with the pinky color cardigan and mini skirt I seem to look even more high-schooled, and I'm happy that I got the chance to wear stuff I don't usually wear in my daily life. I jumped, laughed, posed and felt happy. 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


yes i know it has been forever since i last updated my blog and since i was sent to turkey and based in so small a town that everything my blog needs became difficult to achieve, the scenery, the colorful outfit and most importantly my mood.But here I am, came back to Macau the beginning of January and after my trips to Maldives and my hometown for CNY, finally I can breathe the Macau air and got some time to update my blog. Though I am still quite busy with my main job, fashion blogging is something I feel passionate about and dont want to give up at the moment so I will restart now and continuously share some photos(aka 200 or more:p) with all of you who are also interested in fashion or me in that case?haha.
This series of photos with the lavenda color palette was shot in Dusit Thani resort in Maldives, by my talented and passionate mum, yes, I know travelling to the honeymoon paradise with your mum sounds a little bit more than normal to most of you, but since my mum and I share a love for good food and photography(selfies included), so we make good company for each other. Though I'd honestly admit that she takes better photos than I do but my pose beats hers.I got this maxi dress from taobao and it goes great with the different levels of blue sea of the Indian ocean. Just like the way I felt there, calm, peaceful and elegant.