Thursday, October 17, 2013


As I have been away for a few days you might have guessed right, the lovely manzara have been the beautiful Mediterranean sea.I am always a sea person more than a mountain one.Walking along the seaside, with the fresh wind blow, never-ending wide horizon of the blue, and misty mountain lines afar, I guarantee you all of your sorrows must go with the wind and the true tranquility stays. This time I tried cycling along the sea, with a little bit overdressing and red lipsticks, surely I felt different and odd at first, then you wouldn't imagine how great and adventurous it made me feel.Walking out of one's comfort zone and accept that you are different from others does wonders to build confidence and happiness.

Saturday, October 5, 2013


Long time no see! As it has been raining all along this week I hardly had any mood  to shoot any new outfits, finally when the weekend came the weather turned much better. And I had my first night out in the university town with my colleagues,two hours' driving and the freezing weather in town does not stop all these delikanli(young people) from partying, drinking and smoking water pipe till early morning. I guess Eskisehir will become one of my favourite cities in Turkey.And I managed to wake up at my usual time today,feeling super good so I asked Zhou to shoot these photos for me. I got my top in high school, and my super mum managed to keep this lovely top so new as my colleagues cannot believe it's almost 8 years old! And I'm so glad to be able to find really nice long boots in Turkey,without much effort as they have so many choices available with high quality. Have a great weekend guys!